Blogging About Blogs

There is such a fine line between blogging and diary-ing.

I want to share my story and ultimately my life with those who are willing to read about it on the “world wide web”, but I don’t want to put so much out there that when I go to actually write in my own private journal, I have nothing left to say.

So how do we approach this thing we call blogging?

Most blogs have a core: something that drives the existence of said blog while also keeping subscribers, readers, and my mom interested in what I will post next.

Hi, mom!

I like to:

  • travel

  • read

  • talk extensively about Harry Potter

  • watch movies

  • journal

  • perform

There is obviously more that I like to do, but with those quick ideas, here are a few topics I could blog about:

Share Experiences

I can share experiences that have impacted me, thus impacting those who read about it. Like most people, I have, surprise, faced moments in my life that have required shifts in the way I view the world. Sharing those experiences can allow others to realize that they are not alone. No one is alone…

Give Tips

Delving into what I am passionate gives you, my readers, a deeper insight to who I am and what makes me me! (refer to brainstorming from above to get a small idea)

Talk About the Everyday

Sometimes you just want to tell the world how great your day was and what made it that way. Not everything on a blog has to be groundbreaking, and knowing that helps take the pressure off.

It is also important to emphasize that there will be highs and lows. No one’s life is perfect, and if it appears to be, there is writing most likely happening that we aren’t seeing about the “not perfect” stuff.

I don’t want my life to appear perfect from your screens; I want to be REAL.

That may sound cliche in this cliche-ridden world, but that’s the truth of it.

Moments in my life have been filled with joy, sadness, grief, and growth, and I want to share that. Maybe my words on a page will inspire you to start something new or something you simply forgot you loved.

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