A Change of Pace

For the past seven months, I have had a solid though not always consistent, routine.

Now with the last three weeks of our contract remaining, it is taking a 180° turn.

What’s the factor? No more boyfriend onboard.

To some, that may seem absolutely ridiculous.

“Anna, how can one person not being there change the way you operate during the day?”

I get it, it sounds cheesy and girly and a lot of things that I don’t normally peg myself as, but it is true. Artur and I had this contract down to a wonderfully choreographed dance; and now I’m dancing solo.

So how does this influence me as I finish out this contract?

Continued focus on self-improvement

This contract has delved deep into the world of bettering my health, both physically and mentally. So with these last 3 weeks left, I am going to kick it into high gear by reading the personal development book May Cause Miracles and by completing a 3-week workout program to end the contract strong.


One of the highlights of working on cruise ships is the chance to explore ports more than once. I would like to venture into new areas of some of these islands and experience it in a different way entirely. I won’t give up my Island Yoga class in Aruba my last two weeks onboard, but maybe I’ll try something new on their menu at Nourish Café.


I am a huge reader, and I have somewhat fallen off my horse in the past couple weeks when it comes to that. I started J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings series this contract, and would like to finish it before we leave the ship. I have to read the entire last novel, The Return of the King, but I trust I will be able to complete it. I would also like to start Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code as I have heard his novels are wonderful.

Do “stuff” alone

Meals, trips to get coffee, and even watching movies may happen these last three weeks with my by myself, but that doesn't mean I can’t enjoy that time. Having moments of aloneness are rare onboard, and even now as I type this, I can hear people using radios and random noises coming from somewhere on the ship, so I know that I am not ever truly alone.

I have been very lucky to have had Artur onboard the ship almost the entirety of my contract, as that is extremely rare even in regards to friends you make here.

As we finish out these last three weeks, I plan to soak up as much as I can: my love of travel, my love of performing, and the love I have come to have for my cast.

Let's kick it!

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