7 Ways to Organize Your Life

Hello readers!

Where have I been?! Valid question. I have been at home getting myself ready for the next chapter of my life: moving to Orlando! Now that I am officially in Orlando, I want to share how I was able to get myself prepared to move across the country. As with any “page turning” event, it requires a lot of focus and emotional openness. How did I achieve that? Cleaning and culling out a lot of STUFF from my life!

You don’t have to be going anywhere to take control of the space you live in.

Here are 7 ways you too can get your life on a more organized path and as a result, feel more free and open emotionally for what is coming next.

1. Growing up

I have a love for all things Harry Potter, Disney and the like. With that, comes a lot of figurines, watches, books, STUFF. As I looked around my own room, I recognized there were things I no longer needed. So I got rid of the figurines on my shelves, I let go of books I would no longer read at my age (bye, Twilight). Finding what does matter: the Harry Potter box set, my “Snow Babies” collection I have had since I was born; that is what you hold onto.

2. Does it bring me joy?

This is a question that can be asked in ANY part of your house, apartment, or living space. Do you have 8 spatulas that bring you joy? Great, keep them! I found asking this question was best used with my clothing. As I went through my closet and dressers, I asked myself this question. Some clothes were easy to get rid of because of the sizing or the fit; others I had to try on and ask the question again. It is amazing the energy clothing holds. I had clothing that was donated because of a memory that came with the sweater or dress. Holding onto the physical piece of clothing would not serve me in my process of letting go and moving on, so into the donation pile it went.

(The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondō is where I got this question from. I strongly recommend you read it if you wish to further your tidying abilities.)

3. Piece by piece, it adds up

I had close to 7 years worth of stuff to go through upon arriving at home. If you are the type of person who wants to spend a whole weekend and get through everything, by all means, do that! I am not that type of person. I have to break tasks up into smaller, manageable pieces so I do not become overwhelmed. Seeing the progress add up in bags for donation or in the space you start to have in your room, you start to see the work come together. When the floor in my room was no longer overrun with boxes, I worked longer hours and could donate with more ease.

4. Minimize

Do I really need 8 pairs of skinny jeans these days? The answer is a resounding “NO”. Finding ways to minimize can help you take better care of what you wish to keep. I probably still have too much (life of a girl), but I have gotten much better at letting go of the unnecessary and holding onto the good stuff.

5. What do you actually use?

This goes along with the act of minimizing. After being on a ship for almost two years, I began to really see what I was using everyday to meet my needs. I came to find that I often bought beauty products and supplies because I felt like I HAD to, not because I really needed them. Once on land, I saw what I used in my everyday routines. The result was donating 3 hairdryers, 4 curling irons, and throwing out a TON of products that were expired and no longer needed. Track your everyday routines and see if there are products you are holding onto only for the sake of, “I might use this.”

6. Get help from someone

As I had so much that I needed to sort through, I received a lot of help from my dad. I had boxes in the basement with nothing more than coloring books, drawing utensils, and other knick knacks I wasn’t going to use. So to simplify, my dad took those boxes and sorted through them with a lot more speed. Allowing him to unbiasedly go through those boxes allowed for me to go through the elementary school memorabilia and find what was worth keeping.

7. Celebrate your progress!

Recognizing the progress you have made in your physical and emotional clean up is important! Take a moment to look at the space and feel all that positive energy you have culminated. With my room cleaned out, I was able to do a yoga practice in my room for the first time in years, and it was amazing. Revel in that positivity.

This goes to show you there is no task too impossible to achieve, it just takes some time to get there! By the end of my time at home, I managed to donate over 15 boxes and bags worth of clothing, shoes, and other miscellaneous objects that no longer served me but in turn could benefit someone else. I used Purple Heart for donations as they have home pick up. I was able to simply leave the bags against the garage door, and a big truck came and carried it all away.

If something or someone does not serve you positively or build you up, take a moment to ask yourself if it/they are worth what you are currently feeling.

Thank the universe for the lesson, and let it go. Move on. I promise you’ll feel better.

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