My Favorites: November

December is just around the corner, everyone.

I can hear the [sleigh] bells!

But before we can ring in a new month, I have to share with you some new found favorites for November!

*I am not sponsored by any of these products, I simply want to share my love of this with all of you. (Though a sponsorship wouldn’t hurt.)

Maple Pecan Natural Bliss Creamer

For all those coffee lovers out there, I recommend Natural Bliss creamers if you are looking for simplicity. There are no oils or preservatives in these creamers, just the basics we want. This fall, a seasonal favorite of mine is the Maple Pecan. It’s only around for a short while longer, so I urge you to grab one now if you’re interested!

In certain locations, you can even get ahold of Almond or Coconut milk Natural Bliss creamers! If anyone has tried those out, shoot me a message; I’m intrigued to see how they fare.

The Crown

Claire Foy brilliantly takes on the responsibility of playing young Queen Elizabeth II in this Netflix Original. Having been nominated countless times as well as winning a SAG award and Golden Globe for her portrayal, I highly recommend this show for a beautiful and dramatic representation of what Elizabeth II went through as the monarchy was thrust upon her quickly and under unfortunate circumstances. The second season is out on December 7th, so you still have time to get caught up!

Stranger Things 2

I will openly admit that I watched the entire second season before the month of October was over, but I had to share my love for another Netflix Original. You should obviously watch/binge the first season of Stranger Things to know what the heck is going on; there is not enough time to explain it all. Without giving anything away, there is wonderful character and plot development, and just overall awesomeness from this cast.

The Balanced Blonde podcast

I have started listening to podcasts! I honestly don't know what took me so long, but now I am hooked. Whether in the car or on a walk, I have come to enjoy them simply because I feel like I am sitting in on a great conversation. A current favorite is The Balanced Blonde Podcast // Soul On Fire.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Jordan Younger got her start as a blogger and her entrepreneurial spirit led her to creating a podcast.

She brings in a wide range of her friends who are passionate about living healthy and fulfilling lives, many of whom have made businesses out of wellness and want to share their knowledge with the world. Jordan’s openness about her own life and day-to-day struggles make this podcast incredibly special. It is always comforting to be reminded that we are never alone is this walk of life. Check out her website and social media to find out more.

En-R-Gee Blend by Young Living

I shared some products from Young Living last month, and I have a feeling I will continue to as the months go on. En-Er-Gee has been used quite a bit this month as my days have gotten longer and the sun is setting earlier. I have found this blend to be incredibly uplifting and just the right pick-me-up needed when I start to feel a slight slump later in the day. A blend of Rosemary, Juniper, Lemongrass, Nutmeg, Balsam Fir, Clove, and Black Pepper, this oil is great for topical use and diffusing.

If you are interested in trying Young Living and seeing what other products they offer, click here.

What are your favorites this month? Leave a comment! I would enjoy trying out what you love and share what I think of them! Take a gander at favorites from October to see what else I can't get enough of!

Have great Thanksgiving everyone. Remember, there is always something to be thankful for.

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