My Favorites: December

Christmas time is here.

Happiness and cheer,

Fun for all that children call,

Their favorite time of the year.

This year is an incredibly special one because for the first time in 2 years, I am on land after having spent the holiday season on cruise ships! Sending much love to my past ship families; miss and love you guys.

Time to share some of my best finds of December! Curl up with a blanket, play some snowy tunes, sip some tea, and read away.

*I am not sponsored by any of these products, I simply want to share my love of this with all of you. (Though a sponsorship wouldn’t hurt.)​

Cocokind Collective

I cannot sing the praises of this company enough. I have been using their products for almost 3 weeks now and they are incredible. Gentle and natural, I love that I can read the ingredients in the products and understand what they are without having to ask my mom or Google.

Priscilla Tsai is an entrepreneurial bada** for having started the company in San Francisco and expanding on a national level. By the end of 2018, Cocokind will be available in all Whole Foods! Check out the website to locate where you can pick up these products, or simply order them online.

Holiday Trio Set: Only available for the holidays, these masks come in adorable dispensers with fun names. The Sea Moss Exfoliator and Chlorophyll Mask can be purchased year round, but the Egg Nog face and hair mask is a holiday exclusive.

Cocokind Collective (Set of Three): I was so interested all of the sticks, I had to get the set.

I use MyMatcha before bed and upon waking, Turmeric Spot Treatment when my skin is suffering, and Macabeet for my lips and cheeks for hydration and color.

Thieves Essential and Vitality Oil

This oil is so stellar, there is an entire LINE of Thieves Products, from lozenges to household cleaner. I currently have the oil and vitality oil (same as regular oil, but labeling is made to show it’s safe for internal consumption), hand sanitizer, lozenges, and spray.

I began using the lozenges and spray in high school while auditioning for colleges to keep away illness while traveling from state to state and staying in hotel rooms in the dead of winter. If you feel like you constantly fight off illness, I recommend this oil and many of the products because they work WONDERS.

How I use Thieves:

Diffuse - Thieves goes so well with many other oils! I always say it smells like Christmas, so diffuse away.

Tea - Thieves Vitality, Lemon Vitality, Copaiba Vitality, green tea, and honey create a medicinal tea to help warm you up and fight off the sickies!

Hand Sanitizer - Unlike regular hand sanitizer, there is no drying out of the skin. Perfect for those who work in hospitals, child care facilities, or just want to take preventative measures!

If you are interested in trying Young Living and seeing what other products they offer, click here.

Mala Prayer

In recent years, mala necklaces and bracelets have become increasingly popular. Commonly used by those of the Hindu and Buddhist faith, this collection of beads can be used in prayer, mediation, or in yoga practice. Whether you are of these faiths or another, mala beads can be used to guide and protect us in our daily lives. They are also very pretty, which is an added perk.

I have been following Mala Prayer on Instagram, admiring their pieces and waiting for the "right time” to get one. Black Friday rolled around, and I was able to get my favorite piece on sale! Much like with crystals, when you are looking for a mala necklace, the one that catches your eye or you feel a connection to will be the right one for you.

Below is the necklace I selected, along with the description.

“Our Miass necklace is all about self-empowerment and discovering one's truth and integrity. Made from Amazon Stone, it is believed that these beads will dispel negative energy and guide you to positivity.”

There are still many pieces on sale through the holiday season; take a look.

Instant Pot

My mom was so ahead of the game, having an Instant Pot well over a year before the talk about this appliance got big. What makes the IP so killer is its ability to be a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and warmer all in one. I have already made bone broth with my IP, and it was love at first use. There are always deals with Instant Pots, whether they are online or in stores, so look around before making a purchase!


I made a goal in the last days of November to write more. I have remained successful so far this month in sticking to that goal. To keep away from the typical “Today I did this…” writing, I found good journal prompts on Pinterest. Ranging from a few sentences to full pages, I have enjoyed this bit of quiet time with my journal and look forward to continuing into the new year.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!

2018 is almost upon us, but soak up these last couple weeks of 2017 surrounded by those who build you up and let your light shine.

"May your days be merry and bright!"

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