Intentions vs. Resolutions

Intention (noun): a thing intended; an aim or plan; to have a course of action or objective

Resolution (noun): a firm decision to do or not to do something

This new year I am setting intentions, not making resolutions.

If these two words were buildings, a resolution is a castle with its drawbridge permanently drawn, where as an intention is a picket-fenced country home, possibly with the gate latch broken. This metaphor may sound like I'm taking the easy way out. “Oh, Anna isn’t going to get anything done. A castle? Really?”

Here’s the deal:

I was trying to breach a castle when down the road was a house where I could come and go as I pleased. I was making resolutions that were, in all honesty, incredibly overbearing and overwhelming. Partially completed resolutions, upset and drained Anna, and a sense of failure were the result. Yes, failure can be the best teacher, but I fail a LOT already, so it would be nice to have some success.

After having made resolutions in the past and falling short, I tried something new in 2017. I sat down and asked myself what mindset I wanted to have for the year. What did I want for myself that could resonate in every part of my life.

“Be brave. Be bold.”

A short phrase that I could repeat to myself and easily remember. It had no time limit and had very few limitations on what it could meet.

Did this happen every day? Nope. There there days I was not even the slightest bit brave or bold. But at the end of the year, I was proud of the many days where I WAS. I completed a 12-week workout program during my contract on the Adventure while also pushing my wellness goals. I continued to do personal development and journal throughout the course of the year. I moved to a new state with the man I love with little to no knowledge of what was to happen in the months to follow.

Was it easy? No.

Did I cry a lot in my car? You bet your bottom dollar I did.

But I got tougher. It got better.

If you want to make a firm decision to do something, I applaud you. Standing ovation. Make that resolution and CRUSH it.

Resolutions right now don’t work for me, and that’s ok! I am going to set the best intentions possible for this year and work my hardest to have them come to fruition. If they don’t? Great. We check in, set new ones, and continue to work. But we never stop. Never admit defeat.

This year’s intention, or the first of many is:

Be open.

What are your intentions or resolutions for 2018? How do you plan to achieve them? Comment below and let's cheer one another on as we head into these next 12 months.

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