My Favorites: January

Happy New Year! Ok, I know that we are already more than half way through the month, but there is such an energy about January. You have to remember to write 2018 instead of 2017 when dating something, people are setting intentions and preparing to crush them (read more about that here), and we are one step closer to spring!

This also means we are headed into the deeper depths of winter. I live in Florida now, and “cold” here is laughable back home in Michigan. But I remember the days waiting for the sun to return, so this month I am sharing some favorites I use to help combat those Winter Blues, regardless of where you are.

*I am not sponsored by any of these products, I simply want to share my love of this with all of you. (Though a sponsorship wouldn’t hurt.)

Stress Away Essential Oil Blend

The name explains it all. The oil is a blend of Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea, and Lavender oils. The options are endless when using this oil. Breathe straight from the bottle, place on your wrists and back of your neck, or put couple drops into your bath with some Epsom Salt.

I personally use this blend when I start to feel overwhelmed or my emotions start peaking and I need some help calming down. If you work a high stress job, you’re a parent, or you simply need a way to chill out once in a while, this is a getaway in a bottle.

If you are interested in trying Young Living and seeing what other products they offer, click here.

Yoga with Adriene

As much as I love attending class, sometimes I just want to do yoga in my sweats with no bra.

Enter: Yoga with Adriene. You can find her channel on Youtube with tons of videos meeting every need. I am currently taking part in the “True - 30 Day Yoga Journey” this month. It has worked wonderfully in tandem with my first Whole30 as it allows for movement, but doesn’t stress or overwork my system.

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

If you have a love for the classic murder mystery, this is it. I greatly enjoyed reading a chapter or two each night before bed, but always had to stop myself because I was itching to know “who done it”. This was my first read by Agatha Christie, and I would love to hear what other novels by her you enjoy. I also wish to watch the movie to see how it compares, though I tend to be a novel over movie gal. But who knows!

Spirit Daughter

I stumbled across Spirit Daughter on Instagram and immediately fell in love. The account gives daily posts about the moon and other planets along with prompts on how you can utilize that energy. Online, there is a shop where you can buy New Moon Journals!

These are perfect for those who are celestially challenged, like myself, but having a growing interest in the cosmos. Each journal is a collaboration with artists, poets, and yogis who provide the poetry, yoga sequences, and meditation exercises. There are also New Moon questions that allow you to fully experience the New Moon's energy.

My favorite portion of the journal is the “Dream Time” section, where you write as if all you wish to come to fruition in your life already has. It is empowering to write all that down, feeling like you are taking charge of your life. Does this mean it will happen? Not necessarily, but allowing yourself to dream is the first step in getting there.

Follow her on Instagram, take a look at her shop, and enjoy!


Having a good laugh is always important, and this show certainly does it for me. I have been slowly working through the entire series for a LONG while now and it finally happened! There are many episodes throughout the series that don’t get shown enough or at all in re-runs, so watching from start to finish was a big feat.

Now I need Family Matters to be on Netflix, because I MISS that show.

What are you favorite ways to beat the Winter Blues? Leave a comment!

I would enjoy trying out what you love and share what I think.

Click on the “My Favorites” category to see what else I love from past months.

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