11 Ways to Give and Receive Love in February

February is upon us and thus comes the often dreaded holiday of…Valentine’s Day.

I get it.

“UGH, it’s a holiday created by Hallmark to make money.”

“I am so single. I hate Valentine’s Day.”

Forgetting about the monetary making side of the holiday, what is the nature of this holiday supposed to be be about?


Now think: do you really have no one to give or express love to?! Whether you are in a relationship, single, or have no interest, you can still give love. Everyone is deserving of love and it doesn’t have to be romantic. There is platonic love; love of friends, peers, and dogs.

I’m about to reiterate a lot that you have heard before. Maybe you’ll roll your eyes and continue to feel the same way you have in the past. But maybe there is a chance this will stick and you’ll realize the power of love and all that it is.

Love already resides in you, and you have the power to share it with others.

Do 1 of these. Do ALL of them.

Love for you. Love for you! Love for EVERYONE! (Felt like Oprah for a minute.)

1. Send a Valentine’s Day card to a child in the hospital. Search online for a hospital accepting digital cards and fill one out. It takes 3 minutes and brightens up a child’s day.

2. Go through your closet and see what pieces of clothing have remained on a hanger or shoved in a corner for the last 3 months. Donate it! Throw a party and make some trades with friends! If it can serve someone else better, maybe it is time to give it away.

3. Pay it forward. Pay for someone’s coffee or meal. Give a couple dollars to help cut the cost.​

4. Write to a friend. Not online, but with a real card and pen. It is always exciting to receive something in the mailbox that is not an advertisement for a new credit card or internet service.

5. Get some Epsom salt (Walmart has many options), draw a bath. Listen to calming music and turn your phone on "Do Not Disturb" for at least 20 minutes.

6. Invite a friend over for dinner. Make a meal, order a meal, doesn’t matter. Share in conversation and again, put your phones away to see where the conversation leads without a screen to distract you.

7. Buy that book you have been eyeing since forever. Read it and then give it to a friend to who is interested. Start a mini book club.

8. Buy that hat or jersey you have been wanting and didn’t get for Christmas. Self-love is for EVERYONE!

9. Take a walk! I know the winter months are hard for a lot of my Northern friends, but on those days you go, “It is SO pretty outside,” do yourself a favor and get yourself out there to enjoy it.

10. Start a journal or pick up the one covered in dust on your nightstand and start writing again. It can be immensely therapeutic to just get what you’re feeling out on paper. If you have no idea was to write about, find some journal prompts online and go from there.

11. Compliment someone. Are they wearing a killer pair of shoes? Do they seem to have this glow about them? Let them KNOW. The compliment does not have to be appearance based. If you admire their tenacity, sense of humor, their ability to speak their truth, letting them know can be such a boost.

Participate in some form of love this month, whether it is with others or yourself. There is no such thing as too much of it. Comment below what you will be doing this month or even the rest of the year!

Share love instead of hating on it.

The world can always use more.

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