My Favorites: June

Hello everyone!

1. Yes, I realize it is July.

2. It has been some time since I have shared my favorites. My apologies!

3. Reasons for not being great about posting: becoming a Disney Cast Member at Finding Nemo: The Musical at Animal Kingdom (blog post on that at some point, I promise.), I got a part time job at Sugarboo & Co. in Disney Springs, oh and I got married. ;)

Photographic evidence:

Personal shout out to Patrick Buckley for the best photos I could have ever hoped for to capture this day. I will share more about our two month engagement, how we got it all achieved, and what it's like marrying the handsome man I get to spend the rest of my life with.

But not now! Onward!

Collagen Peptides

"Collagen" seems to be a new buzz word everywhere I look in the land of health, and rightfully so. If you don’t have any, GET SOME. Without getting too into the science of it all, collagen peptides are great for your hair, skin, nails, and joints. Take a Google break if you want to know more.

I personally have used Swanson, Amandean, and Vital Proteins. There are many out there, so find what is in your price range, but don't skimp on quality; read your labels. Collagen Peptides can easily be added to water, smoothies, or your morning coffee as it is cold and hot water soluble. I put it in my coffee to give me a bump of protein in the morning and it’s wonderful!

Tone It Up

My first introduction to Tone It Up was on Instagram when someone posted about having completed a FREE daily workout. Win! You can set the number of workouts you would like to do per week, and as you finish them, you get a fun check mark to show it’s been done. I like this application because I can start the workout and focus on the move and my form with no time constraint. With a total of 4 rounds in each workout, you are guaranteed to be sweaty and sore!

Love Sweat Fitness

Continuing with fun and free exercise resources, Love Sweat Fitness is great to use for quality at-home workouts. I found LSF on YouTube, and found that by combining 2 to 3 videos, I could compile my own workouts. I love the energy Katie brings and how supportive she is even through a screen. I am taking part in her free 8-week challenge that started this week! There is still time to join, so if this is something you are interested in, click here.

Valor Roll-On

The definition of valor is “great courage in the face of danger”. This oil is truly bravery in a bottle. A combination of Black Spruce, Camphor, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, and Geranium, Valor has the capability of grounding while also up-lifting. When Valor came back in a roll-on version, I knew I had to have it. I apply it before auditions and use it on days when I need extra emotional support. The versatility of this oil is truly remarkable, and I carry it with me wherever I go, along with my Stress Away and Deep Relief rollers.

If you are interested in trying Young Living and seeing what other products they offer, click here.


I have talked about this program and will continue to because I have fallen in love with it. At its core, Whole30 is an elimination meal plan where you remove grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol, and sugar from your diet for 30 days and then strategically re-introduce them to see how your body fares.

I personally do really well with rules and structure, making this program a great one for me. Even with all the limitations, I have found that this doesn't mean your food gets boring. On the contrary, I have found myself getting more creative with my meals!

I look forward to this round’s re-introduction to see where my body is at with these removed foods. A post will surely happen with those results.

For more information on this program and how to follow it, click here.

FrenchMay Air Fryer

This truly was a June favorite! A wonderful wedding gift from my grandmother (Hi Grammy!), this has become a wonderful staple in our kitchen. Don’t let FRYER scare you away. Unlike other fryers where oil is needed to fry foods, the air fryer relies solely on circulating hot air to fry its foods. Like many on the market, this air fryer came with a booklet making it easy to convert oven time to air fryer time. The food looks and tastes great every time we use it. An added perk is we don’t have to turn on our oven in these hot summer months.

There you have it, folks! I am starting to compile my July Favorites so I don't end up posting it in...December?

What have been your favorites this summer? Share below. I am always up for trying new things, and would love to incorporate what you love into these “Favorite” months.

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