January 2019: A Reflection

As we head into February, I feel reflecting on the months as they pass is a good way to see what worked, what could be improved, and what I want to implement in the months to come.

Before the New Year hit, I decided I was going to do another round of Whole30. If you are new to what Whole30 is, an explanation can be found here. I have had great success with the program in the past as it brings me back to the basics of what foods make me feel my best. This go around, I had a friend to do it with! Having a buddy system always makes it easier since you can share your hardships as well as the wonderful progresses you are making, and you don’t feel so alone.

Having done 3 rounds of Whole30 before, I knew I needed to take it up a level. Enter Love Sweat Fitness, or LSF for short. My introduction to LSF started by following the creator, Katie Dunlop, on Instagram. I watched from afar before finally taking the dive into her 8-week Summer Challenge. The community along with the joy I found in working out again has kept me with LSF for almost 7 months.

A big goal for 2019 is taking what I have learned about my health and fitness as separate entities in 2018 and putting them together. In the past, it was one or the other, all or nothing. January became the first try in doing the workouts while eating Whole30. January had its ups and downs, though I am happy to say there were more positive notes than not so positive, but it happens. Understandably, my life looks very different from a year ago when I did my first round. I did Whole30 alone, didn’t have a job, and was still very new to Florida. Now I work at multiple jobs across Disney property and my understanding of the Central Florida area grows everyday.

The month was filled with auditions, work, callbacks, and more work. This month, I want to recognize fully that being still does not mean failure, just as being active does not equate success. I will take and cherish the moments of silence, stillness, and peace. I will utilize the active moments with productivity.

What worked: Doing Whole30 with a friend, simple movement 6x a week

What could be improved: embracing the stillness and the active moments fully

What will be implemented this month: Starting a Love Sweat Fitness workout guide, taking days off during the week

Do you have goals for this year? What are they and how are you working towards achieving them? Comment below so I can support you and cheer you on!

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